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Creativity Unleashed......again
The many Paths of the Lupus Witch
Well it's near the end of the semester (thank the gods) and I've been going through a bunch of my junk trying to pack yet again so we can move into our new house by the end of the month. Wouldn't ya know it I stumbled on some old notes for a book i was planning on writing. Good thing i found them too, the ink is starting to fade and some parts of this are a little hard to read. that's OK though I have my trusty laptop and two other computers upon which to save all of this extensive information. I think after I'm done saving this work I'm gonna take a bit of time this summer to actually write out this story with I have spent so much paper and time working on the background of.....Hmmmm wonder if it'll be any good? Only time will tell. As i work my way through it all I think I'll post some excerpts from it on here from time to time. let me know what you think of them....feed back is always a good thing.....i think. =)


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