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Burn the land & Boil the Seas....

You can't take the Sky from Me!

Well since I'm on myspace so much, why not do something on a Live journal too? This is a good place for me to jot down all of my chaotic thoughts and writings.
My posts will be either public or friends only I haven't exactly decided yet but hey who knows I may do both....

I am married to a wonderful woman named Kristi. Been married for 5 yrs this May and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Just moved to Denton, TX to continue college, I keep hoping I'll be done soon. I was a Forensic Chemistry Major working towards my Masters degree (Yay).However moving back north has slimmed my options and few schools offer over a bachelors degree so, switch majors. Now working towards my Psychology PhD and I'm just about done with the Bachelors. Grad School here I come!
I have a cat named Mimi and two gerbils (Jake & Elwood).

I'd say where i work but truly I can't stand the company and would love to see it burn to the ground and die a slow horribly painful death, but that's just my opinion.