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Hooray for Eddie (and a little insane sanity)
The many Paths of the Lupus Witch
Well if you've kept up with the recent posts then you can tell that things at the moment.....well they suck. But there is a light, dim, but still good enough to add a little joy to my day. Putzing around on my favorite site dvdpricesearch.com....(shameless plug for cheap movies but who doesn't like that?) and found my favorite Eddie Izzard (Yay *Happy dance*) Dressed to Kill. I HAD to get it since Kristi has never seen all of it....she's seen some of the great parts but not all of it ( I gotta change that). So according to amazon it should be here on Friday (woohoo). Like i said it's not much, but hey, any happiness right now is good right?

off to class again


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